Fujian Air Tech Technology Systems Co.,Ltd


AirTS was established in 2005 as a technology-driven enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales, and technical services for energy-saving equipment. We are specialized in providing comprehensive solutions for system design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of energy-saving projects.


AirTS product line primarily consists of energy-efficient air conditioning systems specifically designed for high and large space, encompassing heating units, heating and cooling units, gas heating units,gas radiation units, VRF air conditioners, hot air curtain units, industrial HVLS fans, servo frequency converters,industrial control systems, and other products tailored for large spaces.These solutions effectively resolve diverse requirements such as heating,cooling, ventilation, humidification,dehumidification, dust removal, and automation control in buildings ranging from 4 to 30 meters in height.


AirTS Company has two major production bases, covering a total area of 135,000㎡, with over 10 automatic production lines, multiple modern production equipment, and 45 R&D personnel.As a leading enterprise in energy-saving products for high and large spaces, AirTS has participated indrafting and formulating five national and industry standards, including the "Selection and Installation ofHeating (Air Conditioning) Equipment in Tall Spaces

(National Building Standard Design Atlas)".The company has more than 50 patents, 12 copyrights, and has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001,CE certification, EAC certification, etc. At the same time, AirTS is a high-tech enterprise, a "specialized, refined,and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprise, and a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise.AirTS is committed to providing customers with the best environmental treatment solutions.